During nearly twenty five years of “Growing for Showing” a few vital lessons have been learnt about the basic steps that are required to produce good quality exhibits for the show bench. It matters not whether your choice is flowers, soft fruits or vegetables, the same requirements are a must.

1.       Buy only Exhibition quality stock from a reliable supplier. Seeds – bulbs – cuttings and plants from other outlets are fine for general use but they are unlikely to produce show winning exhibits.


2.       Provide a site to grow your exhibits as needed by the various types & sizes of the plants – usually rows should be north to south across the garden.


3.       Chrysanthemums – Dahlias or Roses etc will need to be planted two feet (60cm) apart, while Gladioli and Sweet Peas need ten inches (25cm).


4.       They need their own bed and space to grow in, away from walls, bushes- fences or under trees.


5.       Ground must be prepared in advance of the planting dates and a supply of nutrients etc must be provided during the growing season.


6.       If in doubt ask at local societies or you local seed provider, they will be more than happy to advise you.



Mick Brown (President S. & D. H. S)