1.       Winners of Cups & Trophies shall enter into an undertaking to return same to the Hon.Show Manager in all respects in similar condition as when delivered to him or her, by or at the September social evening. No Cups or Trophies can be won outright. They should be cleaned regularly.
  2.       Classes are open to members only, except where stated.
  3.       Person intending to exhibit must give notice to the Show Manager in writing on the proper    form, marking the number of every entry in which they intend to compete, accompanied by the entrance fees, by the specified date and time as stated on the entry form.
  4.       Husband & wife should use separate forms.
  5.      No two exhibitors may show exhibits grown in the same garden in the same class.
  6.      No member of a Judge’s family should be allowed to enter any class in which they are judging.
  7.      NOVICE CLASSES: For a member who exhibits in our show and has not previously won a 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize in that section.

“NOVICE PLUS” CLASSES (Summer Show). For any Member who has already won a 1st or 2nd in any previous Sweet Pea Show. Note; once a Member has won 1st or 2nd in the Novice plus Class for two consecutive years they cease to be eligible to enter this class. They move up to the main classes.

      8.     The Chairman or Show Manager reserves the right to determine the class in which an                   exhibitor  may exhibit.

      9.      No exhibitor may stage more than one entry in each class, unless stated otherwise in the schedule.

      10.  All foliage used with flowers must be those flowers’ own foliage except where otherwise stated.

      11.   All Fruit, Vegetables & Domestic produce exhibits to be shown where indicated on plates or trays etc. supplied at the Show, these should be returned to the Show Manager where not required for exhibits. Exhibitors own plate/doilies may be used for cakes, etc. Flowers are to exhibited in vases provided by the Society.

      12.     All Fruit, Vegetables, Plants & Flowers exhibited must have been grown by the exhibitor. Exhibitors may be called upon to certify that such exhibits have been grown entirely by themselves, or have been in their possession for at least 12 months before the date of the Show. Pot plants should only be shown in our Shows once within 3 years. Arts & Crafts & Photographs must have been completed / taken by the exhibitor within 3 years of the date of the show and not previously exhibited with this Society. Domestic produce must have been made by the exhibitor.

      13.  Exhibitors will be responsible for arranging & placing each of their exhibits within the space allotted.

      14.  The Summer Show is no longer being held .The following will be competed for at the Social Evening held on the 30th June 2016. The Buckman Silver Challenge Cup will be awarded for the Best Sweet Pea exhibit in the competition. The Peter Earl Gold Cup will be awarded for the best vase in the Sweet Pea Novice Class. The Diella Cup will be awarded for the best vase in the Sweet Pea “Novice Plus Intermediate” Class.

The Gary Goacher Rose Bowl will be awarded for the Best Rose Exhibit in Rose Classes.                    

Points awarded at this social evening do not count towards the Banksian Medal. (Main Show only).   

      15.  Exhibits are NOT to be advertised or priced for sale at any show during the Judging stage.

Only Certificates will be awarded at the Social Evenings & Main Show. Cups, trophies & medals will be presented at the combined A.G.M and Awards evening in November.

Staging Times for shows

Social Evening Sweet Pea & Rose Competition: Thursday 30th June 2016 between 6.00pm & 6.30 pm only.

Main Annual Show: Friday 12th August2016 between 6.30 pm & 8.00 pm.

     Saturday 13th August 2016 between 8 am & 10.00 am.

Note: Entries not positioned ready for judging between the allotted times will not be included. Members will be given a warning reminder to clear the hall 5 minutes before the time. At the end of the above stated times the hall will be cleared of all persons not officially engaged by the Committee. No exhibitors will be admitted to the hall after it has been cleared for judging.

  16.   The Judges shall not make any awards in Classes where the exhibit is deemed unworthy of a prize. Where there are fewer than 3 entries the 1st prize may be withheld at the Judges discretion.

     17.      Points for Cups will be awarded as follows:-


Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit

1 plate, vase, pot etc

2 plates, vases, pots

Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit, Jam, Wine.

Arts & Crafts and Domestic Produce

3 plates, vases, pots

Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit
















         18.   The decision of the Judges as to the relative merits of exhibits is final.

       19.  The Committee will take all ordinary care of entries, but will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may arise from any cause whatsoever.

         20.    (Protests) All protests must be made in writing to the Show Manager before the following times:-

Main Horticultural Show: 2.30pm

Any protest must be accompanied by a fee of 50 pence which will be refunded if the protest is upheld. No protest will be considered valid which has not for its basis an infringement of the Rules & Conditions of the Schedule.

      21.  Entrance fees will be forfeited if the exhibits are not delivered to the Show.

      22. Admission to the Main Annual Show is £1. Children FREE. Doors open to the public at 1.30pm.

       23. Certificates for Winners of the Social Evening Competition 30th June will be presented during the Social Evening. Certificates for winners for the Main Annual Show will be presented at 4pm. Prize money can be collected from the Treasurer from 2.30pm. Money not collected at the Show will be deemed to be a donation to the Society. All Cups & Awards for both shows will be awarded at the Combined A.G.M & Award Presentation Evening.

      24.  In the event of equal points being obtained for a particular trophy, the trophy will be awarded jointly to 2 or more exhibitors each of whom shall have it in their possession for approx half the year (or otherwise, as appropriate)

       25. Each exhibit shall be removed by the exhibitor as soon as possible after the Show closing time. (The Main Annual Show after the presentation of certificates at 4pm) 

       26. The Committee shall have the power to add to, or amend, the Show Rules at a special meeting called for that purpose. Their decision will be final.

       27.  Exhibitors are requested to name their exhibits wherever possible. ( This may count in close competition) Name or Cultivar labels will be supplied by the society free of charge



1.     An Exhibit is composed of natural plant material with or without accessories, contained within a space as specified in the Show Schedule.

2.     All Exhibits must be the unaided work of the competitor and may be submitted ready assembled or may be assembled at the hall.

3.     No artificial material may be used except as permitted by the Current NAFAS Competitions Manual, by which all exhibits, will be judged.


N.B. READ THE SCHEDULE CAREFULLY and be sure that you enter the correct number of entries in each class, on the entry form. Failure to do this could lead to disqualification.

The naming of an exhibit enhances the Show and “will count” in close competition.

VEGETABLES must be staged clean, and may be cut open by the judges for examination,

as may also apply to fruit & cakes. Jars & bottles may likewise be opened by the judges for sampling.

BEAN PODS should be straight & young, brittle when snapped, all even shape

& size with some stalk attached.

BEETROOT when cut should be of a deep red colour, of tender age & of even shape

& size, with foliage trimmed to approximately 4” length.

BRUSSELS  SPROUTS should be tight & solid, green in colour, even in shape & size, without leaf blemish.

CABBAGES A pair should be the same variety, of even shape & size with firm solid

heart & without blemish.

CARROTS should be typical of their type, young and rich red, tied in a fan shaped bunch after trimming foliage to approximately 5” in length.

CELERY needs thorough washing. Trim the roots off neatly & cut the base to a pyramidal point. Make one tie with raffia just below the leaves. The heads should be well blanched, young and of even size.

CUCUMBERS should be well matched, dark green, well developed, of even thickness with stalk attached plus Calyx if possible.

LEEKS should be long, solid, well blanched with no bulbing. Avoid excessive stripping of outer skin. Tops should be left uncut but may be tied.

LETTUCE should have roots intact but well washed, & have firm hearts, crisp & tender

& be of good colour and even size.

MARROWS should be able to easily punctured by thumbnail when tested for tenderness

& of even shape & size. (Try to retain a dead flower at the end of each marrow,

don’t handle more than necessary.)

ONIONS harvested should be of even shape & size, bulb & roots should be washed clean,

all scale leaves trimmed off without skinning down to pale under skins, neck of bulb

should be tied.

PARSNIPS should be straight & well shouldered with white skin free from blemishes

or side shoots. Foliage should be trimmed to approximately 4”.

PEAS should be gathered by cutting with scissors & with about 3” stalk for handling, retaining any waxy bloom on the pod.

POTATOES should be washed clean with a sponge, should be of even shape & size &

typical of their variety & type, without blemishes.

RHUBARB should be straight long stalks of good red colour, which are tender when snapped. All but 3” of leaf blade should be removed.

SHALLOTS should be firm, of even shape & size, with trimmed roots & short tops

evenly folded over & neatly tied with cotton.

SWEET CORN cobs, husks & silks should be retained with maximum 1” stalk. Pull down

1or 2 husks from each cob & tuck in to expose cob contents.

TOMATOES should be just ripe with small stalk or calyx, of rich colour, even in shape & size. Please check that your variety/type is entered in the correct class

TURNIPS should be of cricket ball size, young, clean & regular in shape, tender & sound. Trim foliage to approximately 4” in length.

COLLECTION OF VEGETABLES Points will be awarded as follows to the selection of vegetables which go to form the collection to be contained within the tray:-


Max Points



3 Artichokes Globe

9 Beans Broad (pods)



9 Beans French (pods)

3 Beetroot



9 Beans Runner (pods)

2 Cabbage



9 Brussels Sprouts


5 Carrots

2 Celery



1 Cauliflower

2 Cucumbers



4 Courgettes


3 Kohl Rabi

3 Leeks



2 Lettuce


2 Marrows

2 Parsnips

3 Onions

5 Potatoes

9 Peas (pods)

3 Sticks Rhubarb

1 Pumpkin

9 Shallots

2 Sweet Corn

5 Leaves of Spinach/Spinach Beet

3 Turnip

2 Swedes

5 Tomatoes

5 Tomatoes Beefsteak Type

10 Tomatoes Small/Cherry Cultivars

Max Points
















SOFT FRUIT is required just ripe, even in shape & size, without undue handling

LOGANBERRIES should not be under-ripe.


with stalks (9 on a plate)

The following constitute a plate of any other fruit:-

CHERRIES (9 on a plate)  

GRAPES (1 bunch)

PEACHES/NECTARINES (3 on a plate)  

MELON, fully ripe(1 on a plate).

APPLES & PEARS (5 on a plate) should never be polished, to preserve natural bloom.

PLUMS (9 on a plate)

FLOWERS for vases – always remember to arrange for full effect. The words “Kind” and    “Cultivar” are used in the following senses:-

     Roses, Sweet Peas, Dahlias are different KINDS of flowers.

     Peace, Ena Harkness, Tzigani are different CULTIVARS of roses.

     Flowers should be at their most perfect of possible beauty at judging. Collections should be

     alike in age, size & form.



In this section exhibitors should cover their entries with cling film.


All Photographs should be displayed on, or mounted using mount board.

(This can be purchased from Fotobox Seaford, ESK Eastbourne, or The Range Eastbourne.)