Dear All,



It is will great sadness that I have to let you know that the committee and I have taken the decision to cancel the show in August. Although the government roadmap shows restrictions being lifted, we felt that the quality of our show would still be compromised.  However, we aim to make 2022 bigger and better than ever before!

We are working hard to put together a plan in which we can resume our social evenings as things start to unlock, please keep an eye out on Facebook and in the Seaford Scene for further details.

I have received a number of emails regarding the Paradise Park loyalty card. I have visited today and spoken to staff there. Our cards no longer work on their system, however the till staff are aware that they need to scan the 'floral' loyalty card that they all have on their tills. Once scanned we will receive our loyalty vouchers in the same way that we always have. If you have any problems please refer the member of staff to a Supervisor-who are aware of the issue. It isn't the best solution but it is the only one we can work with for a while.

Happy gardening, best wishes,






Photo By Sylvia Carter